Wager: What is It and Why is It Important?
February 17, 2022, 17:05

Wager: What is It and Why is It Important?

You probably paid attention to such a moment as a wager in a casino. This concept is obligatory in terms of a bonus receiving and its use. We can even say that the wager determines the profitability of a particular bonus.

It’s time to finally dispel the veil of secrecy over this concept and answer the questions as:

  • What is a wager?
  • How does it affect the bonus?
  • What wager is optimal?

And in the end, why did casinos introduce this idea and what did they want to change with this?

Wager: What Is It and Why Do Casinos Use It?

Everyone loves the bonuses and benefits that they give. Casinos attract new visitors in this way. Those, in turn, receive some benefit from these rewards and an additional opportunity to gain a win.

But there is a certain category of players, like bonus hunters. These are the people who abuse casino offers. They tried to take as many bonuses as possible and just withdraw them like free money.

In response, the casino came up with some conditions to protect this “promotional” money and encourage players to use these bonuses for their intended purpose. This is how those wagers appeared.

So, a wager is a condition under which you can freely use the bonus money without restrictions.

Each casino sets the bonus conditions and its wagering at its discretion.

What Do These Conditions Look Like?

The most common condition is the need for the player to wager a certain number of bets. It’s very easy to calculate; you just need to know the terms of this bonus:

Bonus x Wager Coefficient = Ammount of Bets.

For example, a player got 300 CAD as a welcome bonus, with an x20 wagering requirement. According to the formula, the gambler must spin this money 20 times. In other words, you have to bet on 300 * 20 = 6,000 CAD in general. It is only an illusion that such an amount is unrealistic to play. As you bet and play passionately, you will fulfill this condition in a short time.

Sometimes gambling clubs set additional bonus protection measures:

  • Limits on bet sizes.
  • Limited wagering period.
  • Specific slot games in which you must wager the bonus.

Sometimes gambling clubs set other limits, depending on the bonus types, assigned amount, and other possibilities.

How to Wager?

The first and most important thing you must do before wagering the bonus (and before taking it at all) is the bonus conditions. Unfortunately, some clubs have pitfalls that make wagering bonuses difficult and even thankless. Any violation — and your bonus money will burn irretrievably.

The second point is a cautious but well-thought-out wagering tactic. It would help if you thought about how you will win back these bonuses what slot game you will take for this. Further, we recommend that you think over the strategy of playing in the slots you have chosen.

Such a cautious tactic will save your time, distribute money wisely and not spoil your game enjoyment.

BetBoys Casino is happy to educate you in all aspects of gambling. So play and become an experienced gambler with us!

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