Betboys is committed to responsible gaming. We promote playing as a pleasant leisure activity, and we believe that such a game can only remain if you control it and play it responsibly. However, we know that for some people playing can stop being a harmless leisure activity and it becomes a problem.

18+ Age Control!

It is forbidden for young people under 18 to open an account at Betboys and to play games. Betboys reserves the right to require players to prove their age or proof of identity with an official document or identity and to freeze accounts for this period of time.

Know your Limits!

We offer variety of ways for our players to determine their own boundaries and budgets. This gives you a more conscious and healthy gaming experience.

While Betboys promises to be a high-margin and safe gaming experience for its members, it is advised to keep in mind that fun is the main goal. So that, it takes care to act within the framework of internationally recognized responsible betting rules. When you are active casino areas and on-line gambling, keep in mind that it is not way to get a revenue gate but this is just a fun way to have a good time, it will help you to live a healthier life psychologically and socially.

When gaming or on-line gaming turns into a habit, please keep on mind that it can be hard to control yourself. As Betboys, we have adopted a policy that helps us to freeze the accounts of our members who have come to this demand to prevent their losses. You can also contact our customer representatives to request that your profile shall be deleted from the our system.

When gaming in Betboys, you can set a limit on daily investment and gaming, you can draw a limit yourself.

It is in your and your family's interest to take care not to enjoy our games under intoxication by an alcohol or other substances.

Your social life is much more important than gaming. If you are starting to make a bet or betting on time, please take control.

Case Control: One of the measures you can take personally in order to survive the addiction is to check the safe. Once you have decided how much of your main bet will be the amount you will bet, draw a line to yourself. If you think that gaming is a different dimension to your enjoyment and that you need support to deal with this issue, you can get a list of organizations that you can get help on at

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