Once upon a time, many illegal gambling houses were operating across the USA. And one of them was the BetBoys Casino, established by Hardy’s brothers on the dry law’s eve. Every party started and ended exactly in this place in Chicago.

Many people were visiting this gambling establishment in the evenings to catch their luck and coming back in the mornings to thank it to the full extent. Among the visitors were the Italian mafia, fighters from the Irish gangs, workers from the Ford factory, the owner of Dinkel’s Bakery. And even Captain Brooks was among the most respectful guests at the BetBoys Casino. After coming into the BetBoys Casino, all the visitors forgot about their social status and privileges. Only a few things united them, namely a gambling instinct and freedom!

Everything started with whiskey

Before starting the existence of the casino industry, Walter Hardy and his brother Oswald were famous for the whole district. In their underground bar, every second drinking glass they had was filled with their own brand of freshly brewed whiskey. They were producing it in a suburb of Braywood, where they were born. The brothers were conveying the beverage into different places passing by police officers. Certainly, they were afraid of the consequences, but impudence and youth encouraged them and helped overcome this fear.

Hardy’s brothers got an idea that it wasn’t enough to be vendors of the drink as well as to own the bar. Relatively soon, they established a place where the most influential people of the town were spending their time and drinking this branded whiskey. In their turn, these people granted immunity to the brothers for their illegal activity.

One card game solved the problem

One day, Walter and Oswald faced a problem with the Italian mafia. The mafia waited a long time to grab a tasty piece from the brothers’ money pie. The brothers did not appreciate this idea, and they were ready for radical measures. But everything was resolved by a card game. The stakes were high – a bar or freedom from “mafia’s taxes.”

Walter, an older brother, knew that the Italians lost many people in the struggle for power in the city and was aware of Don’s gambling passion. He offered to resolve this issue without bloodshed – to play a card game. And the mafia surprisingly agreed. Hardy’s brothers doubted the honesty of such an agreement to the very end. But it was a chance to save the lives of the people.

The game took place in a bar in the presence of 10 people from each side at night. At the entrance, everyone was checked for weapons so as not to provoke a conflict. Moreover, people from both sides were on duty in the street. It seemed that if something went wrong, the worst massacre in Chicago’s history could happen here.

The real gambling and the creation of BetBoys

It was a tensioned game when even the air was filled with both heavy cigar smoke and tensity. Nobody was able to remember the reaction of the Italian mafia when Walter got his final ace. Hardy’s people were rejoicing at the victory as they won their own lives and millions of bucks additionally. There were rumors that after this triumphal victory, the idea to create the BetBoys Casino appeared in honor of the two brothers who made a deal with the Italian mafia and won the game. It took a long time. But the following Walter’s phrase is relevant to these days and actively used as a principle of the casino:

“A real gangster doesn’t care about bans and threats! Whether it’s a dry law, the mafia, or a ban on gambling. Free people can freely manage their time and resources in case of work and entertainment. Their partners are a daring spirit and good luck behind the back, which generously rewards in return.”

The old principles are the top priority

The BetBoys Casino has been continuing to follow this manifestation left by the brothers. We respect the traditions of the previous century when a word and honor have symbolized a grant of honesty among all people. We also protect our customers and guarantee the right to deposit and withdraw their money safely under Curacao’s license. If we step back from our words and principles, then we don’t worth your attention.

BetBoys are bad only for those who aren’t taking any benefits from us. But if BetBoys give opportunities and resources to players, then they are appreciated among the people highly!

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